UNIPPP English programme provides a platform for learners in studying English in details so as to solve the problems in :-

    • the teaching of Science and Mathematics (DLP) using English in schools.
    • a compulsory pass in English in order to get the SPM certificate.(subject to the announcement from the authority)
    • good conversational skills for interviews and good jobs.
    • the challenges in Globalization such as tour, world trade, study or work in the borderless world.

Once the learner has enrolled in the programme, lesson notes, guidance and tuition will be given online through internet or mobile phone. Ubiquitous learning is encouraged.

A RF receiver will be given FOC . ( Terms and Conditions apply).

The learner must provide an accessible mobile phone number and a valid workable email address for tuition and guidance.

The programme is strictly for the registered learner and any data or information should never be released to any third party.

UNIPP is dedicated to assist all the learners until success as this programme is purely a learning ground for those who want success.

Unippp Programme

Learning English based on : E1 Nouns, E2 Adjectives, E3 Adverbs , E4 Prepositions , E5 Conjunctions , E6 Present Tense, E7 Past Tense ,E8 Future Tense, E9 Interrogatives , E10 Letter Writing .

Teacher at school in the classroom ready for work

This web-site is conducted by a group of professionals in view of providing English programmes to students of various levels , for learning English grammar, sentence patterns and structures in solving the ambiguity of the language.
This programme is initiated by Mr. P.C.Lim, a trained English teacher who possesses teaching qualification . He completed TESL course from a local university ; an affiliated member of an international accounting body and a master degree (MBA) in business studies.

Do not hesitate to contact UNIPPP for advice and prepare yourself for learning English to explore the world.